Lease Return Info


Honda World Downey hopes you have thoroughly enjoyed leasing your Honda vehicle.

Here at Honda World Downey in Los Angeles County, CA, we make it a priority to continue to provide our customers with excellent advice and service as you approach the end of your lease. You have many options and our helpful experts will be here to help you along the way.

Option 1: Return your Leased Honda and buy -or- lease a new Honda.
Option 2: Return your leased Honda to us even if you didn’t lease it here or plan to buy/lease something other than a Honda.
Option 3: Purchase your leased Honda.
Many more options and incentives are available, so make sure you contact a Lease Maturity specialist today, or come down and visit our dealership near Paramount, CA to talk to one of our helpful Honda experts in person!

Vince Santos
VIP Fleet Services

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Clary Rivas
Portfolio Manager

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We are currently updating our Specials. Please check back soon.