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2012 Honda FCX Clarity Los Angeles CA

Those in Southern California are the only people in the United States who can buy a 2012 Honda FCX Clarity, and among some of the only people eligible in the world. That's because these light-weight, futuristic vehicles require hydrogen fuel and only a select number of areas offer it. Throughout the entire world there are only approximately 200 of these cars available. It's easy to see that these are quite the innovative and highly-sought after cars.

2012 Honda FCX Clarity Speedometer Los Angeles CA2012 Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Los Angeles CA

Powered By Electricity

So what's the 2012 Honda FCX Clarity all about? The vehicle is powered by electricity, which comes from a 100 kW Honda Vertical Flow (also known as V Flow) hydrogen fuel cell stack. It can actually create electricity on demand. As is the case with all other electric cars, the waste energy that's caused by braking and deceleration is captured in the Motor / Generator and stored in a 288V lithium ion battery. A new or used 2012 Honda FCX Clarity has a motor in the EV plus and that is rated at 134 horsepower (100 kW) and 189 pound / ft torque at 3056 rpm. The torque is high, and is also incredibly quiet and steady. A full tank of hydrogen can give enough power for the car to travel around 240 miles. On average this car will get 77 miles per kilogram of hydrogen in the city, 67 miles per kilogram of hydrogen on the highway, and 72 miles per kilogram of hydrogen combined.

As Futuristic As You'd Expect

These are cars that may or may not be available pre-owned, but the best price and the best service is definitely going to come from a dealership versus a car that's for sale by owner. The car is available in a single color: Star Garnet Metallic (a blend of light and dark red), which makes it a very distinctive car. Drivers lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area or close by can enjoy this truly exceptional and unique electric car. To give a perspective on its size, the 2012 Honda FCX Clarity is about four inches shorter than a Honda Accord. The cockpit in this car is as futuristic as you'd expect. It includes a dot that changes both color and size as hydrogen consumption grows and drops, which makes it really simple for drivers to monitor their fuel efficiency. Another display shows the current level of power available in the battery, and a 3rd display shows motor output.

2012 Honda FCX Clarity CMBS Los Angeles CA

Check Speed Without Taking Your Eyes Off the Road

The speedometer is located above the cockpit display, which actually helps the driver to check his or her speed without having to take his or her eyes off the road. This is one of those innovations that seems so simple, yet has not been done before. Certainly driver safety is important and being able to keep eyes on the road is an important step toward higher safety levels. In fact, many things have been done to ensure that drivers in the Los Angeles region are as safe as possible when driving this car. 6 airbags are standard, and both Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) systems come standard. Drivers are also protected by a CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System) which alerts drivers when certain danger factors are present. Drivers are alerted through both visual and audio alerts plus a tug of the seat belt which further let the driver known action needs to be taken. In the event that the driver is unable to do so, the system automatically pulls back any slack in the seat belts and applies the brakes. This can be life-saving in the event that the driver experiences a health emergency that leaves them unable to steer or brake the car. Of course many drivers near Southern CA worry that refueling will cause safety risks. The fact is Honda has taken great pains to ensure that's not an issue. Sensors are placed throughout the vehicle to notify passengers and/or drivers in the event of a hydrogen leak. If this very unlikely event occurs, then a ventilation system is activated and the system automatically cuts off the hydrogen lines.

Electrically Isolated High-Voltage Lines

If there is a collision, then the high-voltage lines are electrically isolated and the flow of both hydrogen and electricity are immediate cut off. This car has been tested many, many times in the worst flood and fire tests available, and it's been certified to be safe. A new or preowned 2012 Honda FCX Clarity for sale in Los Angeles is a front wheel drive vehicle and it comes with an automatic transmission – no manual transmission is available. This special car offers so many amazing features and innovations. It is a true promotion over other electric or hybrid vehicles.Every step is taken to ensure this is as environmentally responsible as possible. Even the interior upholstery is made from Honda's own Bio-Fabric, which is made from plants and therefore reduces CO2 compared to the way traditional upholstery is made.

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