Why Some Men Tend To Be Aggressive Drivers

Driving can be a bit stressful and taxing, especially if you are trying to drive through heavy city traffic. And to be honest about it, this activity has gotten the best of both men and women. However, it is the men that are often times viewed to show their aggressive personalities the most. Because compared to the women who can somehow control their emotions more, the men have the tendency to flare up and bust their fuses, especially when traffic gets to unbearable for them.

But what makes them lose their temper and eventually turn them to be the aggressive drivers that they are more commonly known for? Here are reasons that might help you find the right answers to this question:

Clash of the Personalities

Men are known to possess such strong and aggressive personalities. These are often shown whenever their sit behind the wheel and start driving, especially on busy city streets. This means that for them, there is always a need to show off and showcase their driving skills to anyone they come across on the road. However, if the traffic gets heavier and tempers start flaring, these strong personalities clash resulting to more belligerent manner of driving.

Pressure can lead to aggression

It has been proven that when a man starts to feel the pressure of driving, he slowly develops a more aggressive personality behind the wheel. This is especially true if he is going against the clock to make it to his meeting or he needs to be at someplace at a specific time and he still on the road.

Frustration can make male drivers aggressive

It doesn’t matter what the source of frustration is, but when men get too frustrated and pressed to do something, they usually take it out on their driving. Since they feel too stressed out and really flustered about something, the tendency of men becoming aggressive drivers is extremely high. Compared to women, there are more men who take their frustrations behind the wheel.

Association of One’s self to their Cars

Men who associate their cars as an extension of their personality tend to be really aggressive. This is because these drivers feel that their cars are a part of themselves, and they will really be over protective and are most of the time willing to break or bend the rules just to keep their cars safe. But protecting their cars too much doesn’t just generate positive results, because per studies done by experts, self association to one’s vehicle may lead to being too aggressive and stressed out on the road.

Men love their cars so much

Of course, who doesn’t love or value their cars? However if you take a look at the ratio of men against women who are t0o attached to their “wheels”, you will find out that men take the cake when it comes to loving their cars too much. Men can also be territorial, so if they feel that someone, or something is threatening to invade their territory, they will put their guards up and will be really defensive. The increase in the rate of materialism and sh0wing too much importance to certain properties can definitely lead to a more aggressive behavior – driving or not.

Why so Aggressive?

The reasons why men are such aggressive drivers are not entirely dependent on the kinds of cars that they drive. Believe it or not, most of the reasons are related to psychology and the way the men think and feel. What you need to do to further understand this is to find out what causes this aggressive behavior on men drivers.

Based on clinical researches, this type of behavior when driving is a result of frustration. Everything revolves around the fact that they get too frustrated because they feel that certain fact0rs, such as traffic, slow drivers or road blocks are hindering them from reaching their goals. These goals may range from complicated as driving to meet your office deadline, attending a corporate meeting to as simple as running a few errands for the missus.

Another psychological reason for aggressive driving is related to the need to provide an answer to every question. Men are responsive by nature, especially when they feel that they need to respond when provoked or pressured to act on something. One example would be going through a bumper to bumper traffic situation. An aggressive driver would think that he needs to outwit the other drivers who are fighting their way through the road.

The Relation of Gender to Aggressive Driving

Most of the time, psychology is used to analyze a person’s behavior towards other people and his manner of dealing with his day to day activities. But what you might not know, gender can also play a major part when it comes to one’s aggressive behavior. The male body, in particular, produces hormones called testosterones which affect a man’s attitude, behavior and overall health. You can say that these hormones can also influence a man’s ability to stay calm and composed when driving.





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