The Best Ways to Stay Safe While Driving

Safety on the road is one of the most important things that a motorist should keep in mind. And while some drivers tend to neglect this aspect in driving, it is a must for a responsible motorist, such as yourself, to make sure that you ensure the safety of your passengers.

Now, to make sure that you arrive in one piece every single time, here are tips on how to stay safe while driving:

Slow Down on Curves

It is important that you understand the basics of driving safely on curves. Recent statistics have shown that most accidents associated with road curves have been caused by over speeding or failing to reduce speed while turning on curves. The best way to stay safe while driving on curves would be to manage your speed. Do not rush into things and turn slowly and as little as possible. You also need to pay close attention to where you are going, and do not let your ego deter you from driving responsibly.

Make sure that you have enough money and gas

Being too prepared on the road wouldn’t hurt, especially if everything that you have done concerns your safety. Keep in mind that you should have enough or a few extra money to cover emergency expenses such as changing a flat tire or replacing a broken headlight. Now, if you have an extra gas can lying idly in your garage, fill it with extra gas and bring it with you on the trip. In case you run out of petrol, you can simply grab your gas can and refill the tank on the side of the road.

Be “Smart”

Yes, texting and driving is dangerous but if you are doing this to ensure your safety on the road, then doing these would be completely understandable. Have you ever heard of Textn’Drive? This is a mobile application that would allow you to connect to your friends online without the need of touching you phone. All you need to do is to use its voice recognition software and the voice prompts or commands to check your email, listen to your voice mails, go online and log in to your social networking accounts. The best part about this is that you do can simply speak and your phone will do everything for you.

Another excellent navigation system will be released through the new 2013 Honda Accord. This is called the Honda Navigation Link. This is the newest state of the art mobile technology from Honda that allows its drivers to access the World Wide Web using their iPhones, smart phones and even the popular Android mobile phones will work perfectly with the new system. This is not just for checking new routing schemes, current traffic situations, GPRS tracking and getting directions. You can also stay updated with the rest of the world through Honda Navigation Link’s online features. Drivers would need to download the HondaLink mobile application to their smart phones. This will then link their phones to their cars, which means that the drivers will be able to connect to the net – access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest using voice commands. Not only that, they can select radio channels, play videos online and check weather conditions all with just a touch of a button or by simply talking.

These easy navigation systems will work perfectly on any type of smart phone (Blackberry, iPhone and even those operated by the Android mobile operating systems.

Keep Your Eye Shadows Ladies

Most people think applying makeup while driving is an excellent talent that most women should posses. But on the other hand, this is actually an activity that you should refrain from doing, especially if you do not want to get out of your car bleeding and completely blind. Multi-tasking is not an option when you are in hurry to get to work. Why would you risk your safety just to get to work on time, when you can simply set your alarm clock and wake up early? As simple as that!

Never accept Hitch-hikers

It’s quite a thrill meeting new people by accident. But if you are on the road with less cars and even fewer people pass by, it would be best not to stop to check out those who are waiting on the side of the road. Not that you are not concerned about others, but it is understandable to be more concerned about your own safety. Now, if someone tries to hail or call your attention, maybe a young woman or a man, drive straight and find a spot where there are more people, call their attention or the police and inform them about the situation.

Always look inside the car before getting in

Scary as it may seem, but this is true; accidents and car crimes happen with the culprits hiding in the passenger area. So to avoid this type of situation from happening, always check the back seat before getting in the car. Another thing, always keep a flashlight with you to inspect the nooks and crannies of your car, even the compartment should be inspected as well. Keep your cell phone with you at all times, and have your emergency numbers ready.



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